AIBSlab started to operate in early 2004 and is located in Trieste, Italy at the BIC-FVG incubator of regional enterprises. Know How Our company is specialized in hardware and software research and development of embedded systems for wireless telecommunication and advanced Networking. Focus on Bluetooth Low Energy, and Indoor Localization using Indoor Positioning and navigation technology, GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA, WIFI, ZigBee, Development and integration of customized embedded operating systems. Industrial Communications, Data Acquisition, Processing and Storage. Building Automation Systems. Distributed Video Surveillance Solutions. Services Hardware and firmware design and implementation:

Collect, process and store data from devices located on the territory;
Control remote devices;
Social alarms;
Video surveillance;
Manage and distribute DRM tablet of confidential documents.
Web services platforms design and implementation:

Acquire the sensors data;
Locate goods and people;
Transmit the alarm signals;
Receipt and distribute digital TV signals inside buildings;
Creation of applications for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Business management software under Windows and Linux.