About Us

The company was created in 2002 to operate in Italy and North Africa oriented to the Energy sector with field services targeting Oil and Gas E&P activities with high HSE content including construction & maintenance and supply of skilled supervisory personnel.

A selection of engineering services is part of the package that is made available to customers through Oilworks and its partners, as well as access to skilled personnel with selected CVs. Oilworks merges expertise of a number of selected companies with the experience of international management with wide exposure to Libya operations.

We aim to achieve maximum flexibility in providing new services and products as required by our customers or dictated by market conditions. Companies operating under Oilworks trade name have the technical capability and financial strength required for a safe operation, the organization is fast in decision making and flexible to adapt quickly to changes.

The company operates the first plant in Libya for treatment of drilling cuttings, close to Tripoli Airport in Gasr Ben Ghashir area. A team of qualified graduated engineers run the operations, from our offices in Janzour area in Tripoli. The Operational Base is located in Gasr Ben Ghashir, where 18,000 sqm camp is equipped with Treating Plant, Corral Reef, offices, 600 sqm covered area. Other product line like site reclamation, Environmental Assessment Studies, Sludge Treatments, Tanks clean up, are available as well as metal construction and electromechanical installations.

The two pillars of the company are:

  • Safety and Environmental services for the Oil Industry & Oilfield Services
  • Products with high Safety and Environmental standards

Our logo want to reflects this idea by creating the white drop (Clean Environment in the Oilfield) at the intersection of the two ellipses representing the concepts mentioned above.