Drilling Waste Skips

A fleet of 130 skips designed specifically for the Libyan operation is available. The skips were designed to reduce the truck requirements and optimize the offloading operations to the rig site. Open top or sealed cover type, both are stackable, robust and easy to handle.


Liquid Mud Plant

500 Cubic Metres capacity LMP is ready for deployment to desert locations from our camp in in Gasr Beghashir. The plant reduces the environmental impact Of the drilling operations and the drilling chemicals consumption. Also two Shakers/Cyclones stacks are part of the system.


Mobile Field Plants

Drilling Cuttings Solidification/Stabilization Plants, Mud Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Decanting Centrifuge, are the field equipment ready for deployment in desert operations. Additionally compressors sandblasters, power generators, earth moving equipment, trucks, vacuum trucks are available too.