OW MENA – About Us

OW MENA Ltd is an Oil & Gas trading Company based in Cyprus, which operate as binder for a net of Companies of Excellence, providing Customers with a package of Premium Quality Services and Products. We are a reliable Operative Agent and Distributor of our Partners focused on Eastern Mediterranean business. Strong of competence and dedication, deep experience and knowledge, we are expanding daily our business targeting our and our Partners’ goals. Looking after at today and tomorrow market opportunities, we represent a solid reality in Cyprus. Thanks to our ambitious, modern Management, last technology Services and Products, we are contributing to the growth of this part of the World, in compliance with national and international laws, working in total safety while respecting the environment and people.

Company overview

  • About us

    Established in April 2018, with the aim to build a pole of excellence to carry out marketing and sales activities. OW MENAL Ltd is a multiservice Company and strategic Local partner working as binder for a net of Companies.  Based in Limassol, Cyprus Oil & Gas Port Terminal.

  • Job

    Our job is to promote and sell both our and our Partners’ Products and Services with strong competence and reliability. We represent and connect our Partners in the territory to satisfy the needs of the major Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa players in the oil and gas, power and infrastructure industries.

  • team

    OW MENA Ltd Cyprus Team consists in a group of motivated and highly qualified people with over 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas sector. We manage our business with particular attention to the safety and health of workers, and environmental respect, HSE normative, anti-corruption and antitrust rules. The close working cooperation with our Partners is essential for the satisfaction of our Customers in finding the best solution for our shared goals. We firmly believe that the success of a team is far better and longer lasting than that of individual companies. With our management skills and excellence in Customers’ care, We are a leading and reliable Company who works for upstream, midstream and downstream O&G Projects, constantly looking for innovative and last technology premium quality Services and Products.

  • Technical support

    We support our Partners to expand their business in the Mediterranean Area, though our vast network and contacts. We are facing established and future potential Customers in the local market daily, creating new grow opportunities. You know how crucial, and sometime decisive, is this task making business in foreign markets.

Company skills

We adopt Customers’ customized strategies and, with our competence, passion and honesty, we are able to develop dedicated and successful solutions. We always work with commitment, seriousness and constancy to achieve the excellence. We ever try to propose green, modern and more efficient solutions, without forgetting that traditional methods are often the most reliable and successful. OW MENA Ltd has the competence to capture the best business opportunities in an increasingly flexible and high demanding O&G market, confirming itself as a pole of excellence for the expansion of our and our Partners’ activities and sales. We are able to make timely decisions to create value and successfully manage market risks. We are able to provide our Customers with a wide range of reliable and professional services, even for the most challenging projects, both on land and offshore. We have indeed highly qualified, efficient and specialized personnel, to carry out a large part of the works required by the Oil & Gas industry nowadays, with the best talent necessary for the achievement of the SOW. OW MENA Ltd is also able to provide personnel logistics, the possibility of using specialized workshops, offices and warehouses, banking, administrative and legal services.

Bid for public sectors tender contracts.

OW MENA Ltd is also involved in bidding for public sectors tender contracts.

As soon as the selected tender call is announced by the tendering Authority, we contact our Partners first and start researching carefully Premium class Companies afterwards, to provide our Customers with the best Services and/or Products. We jointly prepare and submit the tenders and, if the contract is awarded, we do all necessary to supply the service and/or deliver the goods on time. Cyprus is a Country in continuous development, thirsty for new technologies and modernity. Waiting for the completion of the first LNG Plant, Cyprus actually represents a strategic intersection of crossing gas pipelines. A bridge Island connecting Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe. The aim of the Company is to bring together the best resources to obtain products and services of excellent quality, to suit the Local Customers’ needs, in respect of safety and protection of the environment. From Cyprus, we can easily get in touch and work for Customers in Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Jointly with our sisters’ Companies Three-E S.A. الشركة الهندسية لإصحاح البيئة , based in Tripoli, and Oilworks Ltd, based in Malta, we can also provide the same quality of services to Libya, Malta and Tunisia. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians is able to work on customized Projects throughout this part of the Mediterranean of East and North Africa.