Environmental and Safety Services and Products

  • Industrial & offshore waste stream (collection, treatment and disposal of Oil&Gas plants and offshore operations produced waste, provision offshore waste containers)
  • Drilling waste management (drilling muds & cuttings treatment and disposal)
  • Total fluids management (zero discharge systems, liquid mud plants, solid control equipment
  • Transboundary movement of hazardous wastes
  • Site reclamation / clean-up
  • Environmental and safety training and programs
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Hazardous gases detection
  • Antipollution, oil spill response
  • Sales of HS&E related items
  • Environmental engineering
  • Safety and environment consultants




Industial Sites Maintenance Services and Products

  • Maintenance and overauling of industrial equipment
  • Customized engineering and metal construction
  • Heat exchangers overhauling
  • Special site welding jobs
  • Sand blasting / grit blasting painting
  • Earth moving works, site works, industrial site preparation
  • Site decontamination and clean-up
  • Electromechanical installations
  • Site monitoring and wireless data communication



Supply of skilled personnel

  • Site managers and supervisors
  • HSEQ experts and supervisors
  • Operations supervisory personnel
  • Electro-mechanical installations experts
  • Field engineers (electrical, electronic, ITC, mechanical, petroleum, drilling geologists)
  • Civil construction personnel